The Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing

The Beginners Guide To Internet Marketing

When you first look at internet marketing, also called digital marketing, you may be overwhelmed with the information and terminology on offer. Internet marketing can become complicated, but if you start with a solid plan, you will not have a problem. It is important that you ensure you have a solid foundation of knowledge about what internet marketing is and all the factors that contribute to its success.

What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is an umbrella term for any form of online marketing from search engine optimization to paid advertising. This type of marketing is also referred to as online marketing. As there are some different types of marketing which fall under this umbrella term, it is important that you consider all of them when forming your marketing plan.

Being Focused On Your Customers

All types of marketing are customer focused, and the same can be said for online marketing. Before you start working on your marketing plans, you need to consider who your target customers are. You will also need to think about how you are going to get their attention when it is being pulled every way by your competition. Who your competitors are will also play a role in your marketing and how you target your customers.

It is recommended that you first consider what your target customers want from your business. Are they looking for information or products? Once you know what your customers want you will be able to develop a plan to target them. You will also need to consider where your target customers go online so you know where you should implement your plans.

Have A Detailed Plan

Once you understand your customers, you will be able to start planning your marketing. Some marketers recommend that you have an overall plan for your marketing while others suggest plans for each type of marketing. There are also others who recommend having both. By having an overall plan for your marketing and detailed plans for each type of marketing you can ensure that your business is always moving forward and that everything fits into your business plan.

Your overall marketing plan should list each type of marketing that you are going to use. This will include the free marketing like SEO and social media accounts as well as the paid methods such as PPC marketing and paid guest posts. The overall plan should be an overview of the marketing methods and detail how they are going to help you achieve your business goals.

The detailed plans will need to be created for each type of marketing. These plans should state what steps you are going to be taking for the schemes, what your target dates are, how much you are estimating the marketing will cost and the measurable targets you are looking at. The targets that you have for each type of marketing need to be something that you can measure, and they need to be realistic.

Implementing The Plans

After you have planned everything, you need to take steps to implement them. The marketing such as search engine optimization should be looked at first as it is one of the more important forms of marketing. This marketing helps you rank in search engine results, and this is a method of organically driving traffic to your website.

Many marketers recommend that you implement the free methods of marketing first. The reason for this is that free marketing methods usually take longer for results to show. With SEO it could be months before you see the results of your optimization. Paid methods should be implemented after the free methods and only once you have the marketing budget for them.

When you are new to paid marketing, you should start small and work from there. Some tips for this marketing will include testing your advert campaigns against each other to determine which is the best. To do this, you will need to run two campaigns for the same product using slightly different ad copy. After a pre-determined time, you can analyze the results of the adverts and see which one performed better. The better performing advert is the one you will keep, and you will disable the other advert.

Regularly Audit Your Plans

Having your plans is important, but you need to ensure that they are always current and up to date. A regular review of your plans will help with this. The frequency of your audit will depend on how often your market changes and how often the search engines change their rules.

When you check your plans, you should look at the targets you have set and see if they are still in line with your business plan and needs. You also need to consider the steps that you have for your marketing as these may need to be adjusted if search engines change their rules.


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